Message of support from Pride House 2010

A message from Dean Nelson of Pride House 2010 Vancouver/Whistler:

I am so excited to see the continuation of Pride House – an LGBTQI Pavilion that celebrates Sports, Human Rights and Culture at the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games.

In 2007 I started on a journey to ensure at the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic Winter Games we would have a safe space for our LGBTQI athletes, coaches, family and friends to come to a dedicated venue that we could together celebrate the ideals of the Olympics, be ourselves, and to providing an opportunity to speak about and raise awareness of homophobia in sports and homophobia/transphobia in general. The four weeks of the Olympics & Paralympics was truly magical. We had people from all over the world that entered this pavilion to show their support in LGBTQI human rights, and celebrated the incredible magic sports & culture is able to bring people together. The pavilion inspired athletes and coaches to come forward, most notable was New Zealand Short track speed skater, Blake Skjellerup – now a Gay Games Ambassador and an early supporter of Pride House 2012.

I encourage you to make many wonderful memories at these games, be furiously authentic and be proud of who we are. Pride House is establishing ourselves as a staple of future Olympics and will continue to nurture the IOC and other sporting bodies to make Sport a safer environment that embraces diversity for all athletes and their support teams to perform at their very best. Wishing you much success! Cheers to Pride House!