First photos from opening of Pride House exhibitions

Photos: Shamey Cramer


Leader partner: LGBT Consortium

LGBT Consortium
The Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Voluntary and Community Organisations is a national specialist infrastructure and membership organisation that focusses on the development and support of LGBT groups, organisations and projects; so they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights.
The LGBT Consortium manages, the web information portal linking together London’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities.

Leader partners: Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association

GLISA International
The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association is an international association of LGBT sport organizations from around the world. GLISA’s members are international sporting federations, continental associations representing sport teams and clubs from the major regions of the world, host cities of GLISA’s World OutGames, and other organizations that support the mandate of GLISA. GLISA presently has 75 member organizations from five continents.
The next GLISA World Outgames will take place in Antwerp in 2013, while regional events are scheduled in 2014 (AsiaPacific Outgames in Darwin) and 2015 (North American Outgames in Denver).

European Commission supports Pride House 2012 exhibition

European Union to support exhibition on gay sport at Pride House 2012
“’Against the Rules” features sport pioneers at the venue for LGBT people and friends at the London Olympics

Pride House 2012 is a project of Pride Sports UK, in collaboration with the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF), the Federation of Gay Games, GLISA International, the LGBT Consortium, and the Pride House Foundation and aims to offer a welcoming space for all athletes, staff, spectators and friends of London 2012. Pride House 2012 will be open from 3 to 7 August at CA House in Limehouse Basin on the river Thames, with the Pride House 2012 festival continuing in various venues through 12 August, the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Lou Englefield, Executive Director of lead partner Pride Sports, explains how the exhibition fits the mission of Pride House 2012: “We want to offer a place for LGBT people and friends to meet, relax, and enjoy the London Olympic experience. But we also want this to be a learning experience and a resource for local and international visitors. An exhibition like ‘Against the Rules’ offers a particularly engaging and inspirational way to contribute to this educational mission.”

“Against the Rules” is made up of 37 panels related to homophobia and LGBT sport, including biographies of athletes like Amelie Mauresmo, Billie Jean King, David Kopay, Greg Louganis, Imke Duplitzer, Judith Arndt, Justin Fashanu and Tom Waddell. The exhibition is presented by the EGLSF with the financial support of the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) as part of the project coordinated by the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation on “Preventing and Fighting Homophobic Violence in Sport”.

Lou Manders, co-president of the EGLSF spoke of the impact of the exhibition: “The exhibition was created several years ago; in 2010 the EGLSF produced an English version, which has since been presented across Europe at a variety of competitions, conferences, and other venues, for both an LGBT and ‘mainstream’ audience.” His co-president Armelle Mazé added: “It’s an effective mix of background information on the history of LGBT sport and individual portraits that inspire and move viewers. We thank Pride Sports for making this display at Pride House 2012 happen, and the European Union for financing this event.”

Lead partners: Federation of Gay Games

Federation of Gay Games
The FGG was founded by Tom Waddell, who competed in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics in the decathlon.  FGG is the governing body of the Gay Games, the largest international sport and culture event open to all, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. Gay Games 9, the next edition of the quadrennial Gay Games will bring 11,000 athletes and artists to participate in more than 30 sport and culture events in Cleveland, Ohio, in August 2014.

The Federation brings together international LGBT sports and culture organisations, regional multisport organisations (“city teams”), and  a variety of local organsations. Their task is to choose the host of the Gay Games, to support our host committee’s execution of the Games, and to promote the FGG’s mission of equality through sport and culture.
The FGG is pleased to launch “From Games to Games“, an invitiation for Olympic athletes, coaches and support staff to participate in Gay Games 9 in 2014.
We support the Atlanta Plus Committee’s call for gender equity and equality in the Olympic movement. 

Lead partners: EGLSF

European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation
The EGLSF was founded in 1989. Its aims are to fight against discrimination in sport on grounds of sexual preference, to stimulate integration in sport and emancipation of lesbians and gays, to enable and support the coming out of gay and lesbian sports men and women, to exchange information and enable co-ordination between European sport groups and tournaments, and to support the founding of new gay/lesbian/bisexual/straight/transgendered and mixed sport groups.
The federation which is open to gay, lesbian, straight and mixed sport groups and organizations. At the moment this network has more than 10,000 members within over 100 organisations and sport groups. In the EGLSF all member organisations are autonomous, with the Federation providiing services and coordinating mutual efforts.
EGLSF promotes, amongst other things, the organisation of EuroGames, the European gay and lesbian championships. The most recent EuroGames were held in Budapest, Hungary, just a few weeks ago, at which the “Against the Rules” exhibition you’ll find at Pride House 2012 was a featured event. 

Lead partners: Pride Sports

A social enterprise, Pride Sports is the UK’s organisation for LGBT sports development and equality. We work with a range of partners in pursuit of our strategic objectives. Pride Sports is committed to the growth of LGBT sports participation in the UK and the development of quality sports provision which welcomes LGBT people. Pride Sports works to ensure an equal place for all in sport, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Pride Sports is the host of the Pride Games, an annual multi sports festival for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their friends. The latest edition of Pride Games takes place 14 – 21 July 2012 in Greater Manchester.