Lead partners: EGLSF

European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation
The EGLSF was founded in 1989. Its aims are to fight against discrimination in sport on grounds of sexual preference, to stimulate integration in sport and emancipation of lesbians and gays, to enable and support the coming out of gay and lesbian sports men and women, to exchange information and enable co-ordination between European sport groups and tournaments, and to support the founding of new gay/lesbian/bisexual/straight/transgendered and mixed sport groups.
The federation which is open to gay, lesbian, straight and mixed sport groups and organizations. At the moment this network has more than 10,000 members within over 100 organisations and sport groups. In the EGLSF all member organisations are autonomous, with the Federation providiing services and coordinating mutual efforts.
EGLSF promotes, amongst other things, the organisation of EuroGames, the European gay and lesbian championships. The most recent EuroGames were held in Budapest, Hungary, just a few weeks ago, at which the “Against the Rules” exhibition you’ll find at Pride House 2012 was a featured event.